Our Services

Base line i.e. what is present consumption and expenses of client towards facilities and measurement of savings is the most critical part of ESCO projects. Our scope of consultancy services for ESCO (Pay from savings) basis is as specified below:

A. Pre-Tender

1. To collect category wise information about no. of lamps in the zone from Municipality officials.
2. To collect category wise information about no. of switching points along with their ratings in the zone from Municipality officials.
3. To prepare estimate as per latest SOR.
4. Financial analysis of the project.
5. Preparation of detailed project report.
6. Being present in the meetings and contribute to decide terms to be put in the tender document.

B. ESCO Tender Preparation

7. To prepare detailed tender document.
8. To prepare detailed specifications of the required Energy Saving Devices.
9. To prepare ESCO and ESCROW Agreement to be put in tender document.

C. Post Tender

10. To be present at the pre-bid meeting and reply queries of the bidders.
11. To prepare pre-bid minutes.
12. To evaluate the bids technically.
13. To take workshop trials of LED streetlights for consumption measurement.
14. To take field trials of LED streetlights for light measurement.
15. To take workshop trials of GSM Based Switching Points (GBSP's).
16. To take field trials of GBSPs.
17. To test GBSP software for functionality.
18. To test GBSP software for bugs.
19. To visit factories of the LED / GBSP suppliers along with Municipality's staff and prepare a report.
20. To make comparative chart of the bids and to recommend whose financial bids should be opened.
21. Once the financial bids are opened, evaluate financial bids according to the consumptions found in the workshop trials.
22. To evaluate financial bid of the successful bidders and prepare a brief report on analysis of Municipality's benefit.
23. To analyze and recommend successful bidder.

D. Post Finalization of Bidder

24. To cause execution of Agreement.
25. To ensure that the successful bidder completes all necessary formalities.
26. To prepare bar chart of activities in coordination with Contractor and Municipality's officials.
27. To supervise the survey activity undertaken to check status of existing infrastructure and to see ratings of lamps, feeders that shall be changed.
28. To give this list to Municipality's officials and take clearance from them for installation.

E. Baseline Measurements as per IPMVP

29. To perform activity of baseline measurements on existing fittings and to prepare such reports as are related to it.

F. Installation Period

30. To supervise installations to ensure all electrical and standard practices are being followed.
31. If there is any hindrance in progress of work due to reasons beyond contractor's scope, to co-ordinate with Municipal Corporation officials to find a solution on it.
32. To ensure that progress of work is as per the bar chart. If it is not, bring this to the notice of Municipality's officials and discuss what measures to be taken.
33. To check if all the GBSPs are sending message to the control room.
34. To check that the software is performing as expected.
35. To get necessary software / functionality changes done - if required.
36. To prepare final report and submit it to Municipality.
37. Any other work, which is not specifically mentioned here but later found necessary for successful implementation of this project and for measurement of saving.

G. Measurement & Verification of Savings as per IPMVP

38. To conduct Measurement and Verification of savings on the installed Energy Saving Devices and to prepare such reports as are related to it.

H. Operations & Maintenance Period

39. Yearly monitoring of the energy savings and performance standards of ESD's.

Above scope is for streetlighting projects. For pumping energy saving projects, the scope is similar.